Probe Stations

J microTechnology offers products for the electrical test of advanced semiconductor devices and packaging products. The product focus is to supply the necessary accessories to bring the precision of coaxial/coplanar microwave probes to non coplanar test structures through precision low cost thin film network (TFN) "adapters", ProbePoints, and affordable microprobing test fixtures, personal probe stations and manual probe stations. J microTechnology products offer an unprecedented level of performance and compatibility. They also offer some of the quickest delivery times - most accessory products are in stock, Personal Probe Stations and Test Fixture and Manual Probe Stations ship typically in 2 to 6 weeks.

Probe Stations - Low cost, highly productive engineering tools. Can test wafers up to 8" diameter, or individual or packaged die.

  • Extremely Small Footprints
  • Highly precise postioners and probes
  • Complete line of accessories for any manual probing requirement



Microwave Test Accessories - Thermal chuck adapters, DC needle positioners and needle probes, vision capture systems Calibration Kits, Picoprobes (GGB)

  • Test Cables - Metrology grade cables for microwave microprobe testing
  • ProbePoint - Precise thin film networks (TFN) adapters for Coplanar waveguide to microstrip circuits and MMIC subassemblies
  • ProbePoint adapter substrates for Devices - Coplanar waveguide to microstrip circuits ( 5 mil, 10 mil, 15 mil versions)
  • ProbePoint adapter substrates for MMICs - Coplanar waveguide to microstrip circuits with bond wire compensation ( 5 mil version)
  • ProbePoint microstrip transmission line substrates - Precise microstrip circuits for test of packages and multichip MMIC interconnect.
  • Calibrations Substrates - for direct calibration of ProbePoint Adapter Substrates and coplanar picoprobe (GGB)
  • OSLT Calibrations Kits - "Surrogate Package" calibration standards for surface mount package test fixtures.

Please contact Elecsys for additional detailed technical information on these products and for a comrehensive testing solution for your measurement requirements.